COVID-19: An Introduction to Point-of-Contact Lung Ultrasound

by School of Medical Ultrasound

At AECC University College, we are proud of our staff who have offered their services to the NHS and are dedicated to helping hospitals across the country fight COVID-19.

Not only are they working all hours for the NHS, they are continuing to support our students with online lectures and teaching materials as they continue to complete their degrees from home. And now, they are also looking to provide sonographers, radiographers and all those involved in medical imaging with practical advice and guidance during the pandemic.  

Medical imaging is essential to the fight against Coronavirus. Every patient experiencing breathing difficulties receives a diagnostic chest X-Ray, which is critical in spotting the early signs of pneumonia, a secondary stage associated with the virus. As such, the teaching faculty at our School of Medical Ultrasound has prepared a short introductory video guide on how to carry out point-of-contact lung ultrasound. 

Warren Foster, Head of School of Medical Ultrasound, comments:

“This guide is set out to give quick and concise guidance on how to carry-out point of care lung ultrasound technique and interpretation. It was developed after students who previously studied at AECC University College and are now working in the MOD, GP and hospital settings, made contact with us to ask for advice as they try to learn the vital skills required for managing the COVID-19 crisis.

“The video presentation was developed by our teaching faculty using previous experience, researching current published data and cross-referencing current published video examples – working collaboratively as a team from their home offices. We hope that it will be helpful to sonographers who have Medical Ultrasound qualifications, but may not have experience in lung imaging and front-line point of care staff, for example GPs and A&E staff who already do ultrasound, but again may need more guidance when it comes to lung diagnostics. It may also be useful as a reminder to radiologists.

“Imaging is essential to the fight against the virus. Ultrasound trained sonographers are already keeping the NHS going by seeing urgent cases and maternity patients, but as the crisis deepens, they will no doubt be asked to image COVID-19 positive patients and help with front line assessments. Radiographers across the NHS are imaging patients for COVID-19, from plain film x-rays to cross sectional CT and MRI imaging and ultrasound. And, when patients are ventilated and require lines and support systems to be in place, Radiographers will be there to image and inform of the correct positioning. This is on top of the normal trauma work and theatre support Radiographers offer daily. Their contribution is so important and we are keen to offer up as much guidance as we possibly can.”

You can watch the video below, which gives details of 'How to Carry Out Point-of-Contact Lung Ultrasound' as an introduction guide by AECC University College, School of Medical Ultrasound, and we've also provided here a  quick useful video link.