Chiropractic Graduate, Wenona Dancy joins teaching team at AECC University College

We’re pleased to have welcomed Chiropractic graduate, Wenona Dancy to the AECC University College School of Chiropractic academic staff. 

In this interview, she tells us about why she chose to study Chiropractic, what she enjoyed most about her time with us and her ambitious plans for the future, including what her new role as Graduate Teaching Assistant involves. 

Embarking upon a career at AECC University College

“The role of Graduate Teaching Assistant is currently divided into two main elements: Associate Chiropractor treating patients in the AECC University College Chiropractic Clinic which allows me to further develop my clinical skills, mentoring placement students and supporting Lecturers within the Chiropractic academic programme, for Gateway Year and Year One cohorts. 

“I am additionally working with Student Ambassadors, establishing ‘Straighten Up UK’ programme guidelines to take into local Schools, highlighting the importance of good health and promoting AECC University College.

“My long-term goals include teaching and developing a strong involvement within the field of research, as well as caring for patients. I had not anticipated an opportunity like this would arise so quickly, so applying for the role at AECC University College was a natural decision. 

The Teaching Assistant element will begin fully in the new academic year, however, there is plenty to do prior to this time, such as academic staff training and discussing the curriculum with my Mentor and Line Manager. Treating patients is such an important aspect of my role, and to be in a position to support someone professionally and improve their quality of life, proves to me that all my hard work studying to become a Chiropractor has been worthwhile.”

Studying to become a Chiropractor

“A family member developed severe adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in 2008. We discovered we were not able to easily locate a healthcare professional who was able to provide answers to our questions relating to the condition. It was logical for us to begin studying anatomy and physiology together, to try and understand more. I then continued on this path by studying massage for two years.

“It was 2015 that I enrolled on the Access to Higher Education Course at the Anglo-European Chiropractic College (as it was known then), and realised that Chiropractic was the academic and professional pathway for me, having so much to offer, and enrolled on the Master of Chiropractic course. It had the added bonus of being situated in a wonderful setting! I feel very lucky, and proud to have studied here.

“Academically, I will never forget the sense of relief and achievement each time I moved onto the next academic year, plus, receiving notification I had fulfilled my goal of becoming a Chiropractor! 

“Socially, a highlight for me was the ‘Christmas Reviews’, where each Chiropractic cohort year presented different stage shows, and feeling a strong sense of being a part of the ‘AECC family’ with friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Internship at the AECC University College Chiropractic Clinic

“The 2020-2021 Clinic experience was uniquely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the introduction of PPE, bubble groups, a one-way system in clinic, newly implemented roles for Interns like running the lateral flow testing clinic, for example. In hindsight, I recognise that as a Covid year Intern I did not have a complete appreciation of how hard the AECC University College staff worked, to still provide a clinical year in which we all actively developed. 

“A note to future years: Clinic can seem quite daunting at first, but it is such an important experience that enables us to draw on everything we have been taught, with valuable support from our wonderful Clinic Tutors.”

Plans for the future

“Due to the continued research and progressive understanding within the musculoskeletal field, even when we qualify, we never stop learning and improving.

“Despite having joined the profession slightly older than the majority of Chiropractors, I have a number of future ambitions alongside those already mentioned, including promoting Chiropractic within the community to reach a wider demographic of patients. I also have a strong ambition to support people who have experienced the impact of conflict, such as refugees and those recovering from domestic abuse. 

“The idea of retirement does not suit me, so I envisage working for as long as possible!”

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