Celebrating World Radiography Day: Transforming lives through Special Imaging

Today is World Radiography Day, so we’re taking the opportunity to raise awareness of our specialist imaging services and training here at AECC University College. Radiography and chiropractic were established in the same year, 1895, and both have made significant developments thanks to modern technology, research and industry best-practice.

Special imaging is formed of many elements here at AECC University College, including our Open Upright MRI, Ultrasound Clinic, X-Ray Suite, Quantitative Fluoroscopy and our Centre for Biomechanic Research. Whether it’s through training our students to use these facilities, progressing research through imaging technologies, or providing patients with high-quality care services, these elements are a crucial part of what we do.

Specialist Scanning Services

Opened in April 2015, our Open Upright MRI scanner is one of very few scanners of its kind in the country. Operating on a referral only service, the specialist scanner accommodates patients with claustrophobia and certain flexibility problems. Unlike many NHS scanners our MRI does not use a high field strength magnet, yet still produces quality images to support treatment and diagnosis.

The nature of our Open Upright MRI means we can focus on the quality of patient care, allowing for scans which may be impossible or may be problematic in closed magnet scanning machines. This is a vital service in the region, and one which is relied on by many referrers. The MRI sees approximately 800 to 1000 patients each year, with patients even travelling from Ireland, Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Demand for our MRI scanning is set to rise with the recent reports in a shortage of radiographers within the NHS.

Patients to our MRI service are referred by their doctors or healthcare professionals. If you are a patient interested in our imaging services, you can speak to your doctor and they can download a referral form from our website.

X-Ray Training for Chiropractic Interns

We also train our chiropractic interns in x-ray skills. We have an on-site x-ray suite where interns receive demonstrations and seminars. Training chiropractic students in this skill is beneficial to the care of their future patients; many chiropractic clinics have x-ray equipment which allows them to keep patients on-site, prescribe diagnosis and treatment more effectively, and ultimately move treatment on at a greater rate.

Alumnus, Jason Gould (Master of Chiropractic, 2005, PGCert 2010) took this learning opportunity he received during his study and implemented this once he graduated. Whilst a student, he practiced two to three times a week, and sailed through his exams. He designed his own clinic with a purpose built x-ray suite, which benefits his patients who no longer require to be referred on to hospitals, reducing unnecessary stress and time.

Effective Scanning for Diagnosis and Treatment

We have over 10 years of experience in delivering ultrasound education and expertise. At our on-site Ultrasound Clinic, our team of experienced sonographers, radiologists and healthcare professionals train postgraduate students in the skills required as part of investigative healthcare supporting the medical professions. Using non-invasive procedures and high-frequency sound waves, we produce images – or sonograms – to diagnose conditions, plan and assess treatments, and ultimately get patients on the road to recovery.

The process, which involves scanning in real-time, allows ultrasound professionals to interact with your body to help get clear results and a clear picture on what is happening. Ultrasound scans are particularly useful for issues with pain, swelling, infections or problems with blood flow. Our Ultrasound Clinic operates on a referral basis, so you will require a referral from your doctor or other healthcare professional. If you’re interested in our 4D Pregnancy Ultrasound or Private Early Pregnancy Dating Scan then you won’t need a referral, but you will need a letter of approval from your GP or midwife.

Thanks to our partnership with MIS Healthcare and Samsung, our School of Medical Ultrasound train students on the latest ultrasound technology, enhancing our delivery of first-class clinical training and care.

Discover more about our clinics and services, or find out how you can become part of our health science community.