Celebrating the AECC’s staff and students

Launched in 2016, the Staff-Led Student Awards (SLSA) (alongside the already successful Student-Led Teaching Awards) are two recent initiatives spearheaded by our fantastic Student Union.

The schemes came about when several members of the AECC SU attended conferences on quality assurance and student engagement, discovering that the best way to reward students for their contributions was through recognition. From this, the initiatives were born, allowing staff to recognise students for their non-academic achievements and ‘going the extra mile’ in all areas of student life. As its name suggests, the already successful SLTA functions sees students recognise staff.

This year’s awards event took place earlier this month and proved just as popular as last year. Students and staff came together on the 5th May to celebrate as a college community and to take part in these shared moments of mutual appreciation. 

The range of student awards included the likes of the Academic Engagement Award and the AECC Community Award. Further honours were awarded to the student who excelled in practical development. The teaching awards included those that recognised professionalism and also a commitment to non-academic standards.

SLSA Community award winner Dan Sullivan said ‘While unexpected, it's nice that the AECC acknowledges and shows appreciation for the work students do for the college community. It’s a great thing for the college to run as it allows people who excel in fields other than academia to be commended’.

Including both awards ceremonies and the SU elections (which were announced at the same event), over 600 votes were cast in total.  SU Manager Rhianydd Haslock said ‘The response I received back was overwhelmingly positive and proves just how valuable these awards are to the student experience.’

List of award winners in full - 


Academic: Marcus Groves

Practitioner: Harriett Wragg

Professionalism: Sophie Younghusband

Community: Dan Sullivan



Scholarly: Vijay Pabbathi

Practitioner: Kent Edlund

Professionalism: Emily Norton

Non-Academic: Rhianydd Haslock 


The 2016 awards were referred to within a recent GuildHE publication. It can be viewed here: http://www.guildhe.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/6710-Guild-HE-Active-Citizenship-Report-44pp.pdf