Caroline Elphick - Student Profile

Caroline is studying on the Master of Chiropractic course at AECC University College and is in her final year. She is also a Student Ambassador.

She tells us more about why she is passionate about Chiropractic, her plans following graduation, and why she wanted to become a Student Ambassador:

“I’ve loved working in the on-site Chiropractic Clinic at AECC University College this year. It’s what I’ve been waiting for! I was really excited to start and I still feel that excitement. I still find it surreal that I’m working in Clinic and seeing patients.”

Finding Chiropractic

“I have a Chiropractic background as my brother works as a Chiropractor in Malta.  I’ve met quite a few people on the course who have some connection with Chiropractic before studying. They might have been treated by a Chiropractor, which inspired them to pursue it as a career, or they have family in the profession.

“I have a job lined up for August, up in Warwickshire. It’s an amazing clinic and I’m really excited. A lot of the time in Chiropractic, jobs aren’t advertised. You can find great opportunities by meeting with the director of the clinic and talking to them. Making connections and building relationships is really important.

“I think it’s really important to work with Chiropractors that you feel you can really get along with. When you’re first starting out, your colleagues are like your mentors.

“It’s a big change working in a Clinic as a fully-qualified Chiropractor, rather than as a student with tutors to support you. I do feel nervous, but I’m also so excited.

“I’m going to miss AECC University College so much! My five years here have gone so fast.”

Student Ambassador

“Being a Student Ambassador is a great opportunity! You get to meet lots of people and network with them.

“I’ve become much stronger at giving presentations; I used to get really nervous beforehand, but I don’t so much now. My confidence has really grown.

“I’m really passionate about AECC University College. I love the campus, the facilities, the people, the area, and the Chiropractic profession. I feel so passionately about it that talking about it comes naturally to me.

“It’s also a good opportunity to earn money to support our studies.”

You can find out more about the Master of Chiropractic course at AECC University College here.