CARL Fellows Visit Alberta for Annual Residential

Last week AECC University College's Lecturer in Research Methods Michelle Holmes and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Dr Alexander Breen joined Professor Greg Kawchuk, the Chair of the WFC Research Council,  at his home institution of University of Alberta’s Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine to take part in the 2nd annual residential for the Chiropractic Academy of Research Leadership (CARL). Along with the 11 other CARL fellows and 3 senior health researchers from across the globe, Michelle and Alex embarked on a 4 day programme of leadership, research and collaboration.

The week was packed with inspiring and informative talks, discussions and interviews with top Albertan minds in research outreach and leadership, in fields from academia and teaching to business and management. The week also offered time for networking with staff and students from the University of Alberta. Starting with a review of our year’s highlights, activities, outlining goals were for the year ahead and dedicated time to have some much needed face-to-face working on our latest collaborations, with plenty of opportunity for collaboration between fellows and their respective institutions.

Invited speakers included:

  • Patrick Pilarski, New professor rising through the ranks of Google Deep Mind
  • Paul Taylor, Career Advisor to Alberta MBA students on social media strategies for scientists.
  • Dr Margaret-Ann Armour, a legendary leader for women in science on her journey and those who inspired her along the way.
  • David Mowat, ATB President & CEO discussing developing leaders - how business can teach science how to put the ‘lab’ in collaboration
  • Tom Younge and Jayne Grant, Legendary Edmonton teachers showing students how to lead when you’re not the leader
  • Martin Ferguson-Pell, Co-principal of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College

The week finished with a visit to the Canadian Chiropractic Association Convention in Calgary, bringing together chiropractors, researchers, stakeholders and exhibitors. After a bus ride across Alberta, the CARL fellows met with a series of chiropractic researchers, presenting their work in just three minutes. The afternoon was filled with inspiring TED style talks from Dr Diana De Carvalho (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Professor Jon Adams (University of Technology, Sydney), Dr Ayla Azad, Dr Michele Maiers, and Professor Greg Kawchuk.

The CARL fellowship is a grassroots initiative about positive, forward-looking, credible academic leadership within chiropractic and consists of 13 early/mid stage career researchers who are dedicated to developing high-quality evidence. The fellowship is mentored by 3 senior health researchers.

For more information about CARL head to: Be sure to follow the hashtag #CARLFellows on Twitter and on Facebook.