Careers fairs in February take the AECC far and wide

The AECC are out and about talking to students far and wide about chiropractic and how we study here at the AECC.  February was no exception, which saw us featured in a numbers of careers and higher education settings.

Students are interested to find out what the entry requirements is for studying at the AECC, what the campus facilities are like, if we offer placement and how easy it will be for them to find a job after they graduate – we see much more of a consumer approach to students nowadays as they formulate ideas, weighing up options of best career opportunities available.

Firstly, we kicked off the start of the month with Swedish Association meeting which took place in Stockholm with members taking AECC materials to share at their clinics.  Then, later in mid-February the Association meet in Ystad, Sweden with interested students, talking further about what’s involved when studying to be a chiropractor.

Applicant interview days have been taking place around college this month following the January 15thUCAS deadline.   Applicants come in to college for an Applicant interview morning which comprises of a campus tour with one of our lovely student ambassadors, followed by practical lab sessions to demonstrate how students learn at the AECC and a group interview session facilitated by some of our lecturers.

AECC also featured at a range to school events namely: Royal School - High Wycombe, Waddesdon Church of England School, Wellington Academy - Wiltshire and Bryanston School – Blandford careers events, helping students to understand what a chiropractor does, how they treat and how students learn at the AECC.  

Looking further afield to International counties, we travelled to Bergen and Oslo in Norway to attend events at the Student Recruitment Fairs NORWAY clocking up a further 2,500 miles.  This is where we exhibit alongside our third party recruitment agent, ‘Across the Pond’.  So far in the 2017/18 application cycle we have already seen a 3% increase on last years’ total applications from Norway.

We also featured with the German Chiropractic Association at Horizon Careers Fair in Munster and Berlin in Germany logging a further 2,000 miles on our travels – did you know German applications have increased making them the third largest nationality applying to the AECC! 

February events in Germany and Oslo

This completes a round of up of February – March looks just as busy as we are ready for the start of UCAS Exhibition season exhibiting in fourteen locations around the UK – watch out for us!