Dr Alyx Taylor was extremely proud to present research work undertaken at the AECC at the recent CAMSTRAND conference hosted by Southampton University.   

The poster entitled “The Effect of Pulse-mediate Relaxation on Heart Rate Variability” was the work of Dave Hill, Vijay Pabbathi and Alyx Taylor. Many AECC students will recognise PmR as Vijay’s unique and highly effective relaxation technique.  Abstracts are published in the conference handbook for all delegates and then in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine for interested researchers worldwide.

The research presentations at CAMSTRAND were fascinating and informative, starting with Professor Michael Moore’s keynote address on the current situation with regard to antibiotic resistance. Professor Hugh MacPherson shared insights into his research aimed at integrating East Asian medicine into modern healthcare in the UK.  

Michelle Holmes, joint PhD student with the AECC, was one of the key organisers of the conference and also won the student prize for poster presentations with a poster entitled “The feasibility of conducting a cluster-randomised trial on patient reported outcome measures in chiropractic care.”

The conference was dedicated to the late Professor George Lewith, who said at the CAMSTRAND in 2016 “Good CAM research is good research”. CAMSTRAND 2017 fulfilled this and we can look forward to next year with perhaps even more AECC representation.