Bring Your 'A' Game Campaign

Today we are launching our 'Bring Your ‘A’ Game' recruitment campaign.

The ‘Bring Your ‘A’ Game’ campaign is a planned recruitment initiative which spans vital periods in the higher education search and application cycle. It is a multi-channel campaign which focuses on recruitment predominantly to undergraduate courses, geared particularly to attracting prospective students to the new sport/psychology cluster of courses.

The visual (shown below) is typographic and eye-catching, supported by brand imagery at a secondary level, and a bold call-to-action. 

Along with capturing interest from students keen to 'Bring Their ‘A’ Game' the campaign also seeks to encourage attendance at open days from students with a growth mindset and can do attitude.

  • Bring an open mind
  • Bring a willingness to learn
  • Bring your enthusiasm to make a difference

The campaign will promote the hashtag #BYAG and we will share testimonials from our academics and students on what it means to bring our 'A' game? what an 'A' game attitude is? How to up your 'A' game? Creatives will be both on and offline and link in to other activities around the University College ie: Expert Talks, Campus Days, Open Days and community festivals and school events.

The visual seeks to supports the promotion of our specialised courses, and the narrative informs prospective students of our culture and values here at the institution. We know that finding the right fit for prospective students is key to their decision-making, so expressing what kinds of ‘attitudes’ the institution values (whilst also being able to highlight our approach to learning) means we can place ourselves as unique and specialist higher education provider. 

The campaign will run from September 2019 and plans to reach those looking to study at an entry point 2020 and 2021.

Update: During the campaign we spoke to staff and students on what bringing their 'A' game meant to them, videos were shared on our channels and the full collection can be found here

Our 2018/19 recruitment campaign 'Vocations by the Sea' focused on the below.

  • Specialist health education in a unique environment
  • Real-world settings to enhance professional experiences
  • Bournemouth is more than a location; it’s a way of life

To find out more please read the news story here: Vocations by the Sea Campaign