Partnership with Bournemouth Athletic Club

Clinical and Rehabilitation Services at AECC University College is pleased to announce a new partnership with Bournemouth Athletic Club 

The partnership gives athletes at Bournemouth Athletic Club access to the full range of multi-disciplinary Clinical and Rehabilitation Services on-site, including Chiropractic treatment and Sport Performance Testing.  

Tim Hughes, Vice Chairman of Bournemouth Athletic Club, explained: “It’s fantastic to have these clinical services right on our doorstep.  

“The emphasis on providing affordable health care at AECC University College is attractive to many of our athletes who aren’t able to secure funding.  

“This partnership gives our athletes easy access to a truly integrated suite of services, where they can come for an assessment and go on for relevant treatment. Our athletes can benefit from a range of different diagnostic and treatment services in one place.  

“The short waiting times that AECC University College can offer is a real benefit for our athletes, who often don’t want to take time out of their training while they are waiting to be seen by a health care professional.”  

Chiropractic Clinic Lead at AECC University College, Daniel Heritage, said: “We are really pleased to have partnered with Bournemouth Athletic Club. When it comes to injuries and rehabilitation, we have a range of clinicians within our Chiropractic Training Clinic which also includes access to highly experienced staff. Our clinicians are available to diagnose and treat issues that athletes might have. We also place a real focus on preventative treatment to help stop people getting injured in the first place. 

“Our prices are low to reflect our commitment to the provision of training for our students. We are also committed to providing affordable patient-centred care to our community.  

“If athletes are looking to optimise their performance, they can visit our Sport Performance Centre and have testing to identify specific ways to improve their strength and fitness. Our range of testing equipment gives athletes access to the latest in sports science technology.” 

Director of Clinical and Rehabilitation Services at AECC University College, Dr. Neil Langridge, added: “One of the big advantages of our service is the collaborative approach that our clinicians take to making diagnoses and then recommending and providing appropriate treatment. We can easily refer athletes for imaging on campus, for example, which helps us to diagnose an issue and to monitor how treatment is working. 

“Bournemouth Athletic Club has some really exciting athletes and we are looking forward to welcoming them onto campus.” 

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Bournemouth Athletics Club partnership

Above (L-R): Glenn Winslade, Chiropractic Clinical Tutor, with Tim Hughes, Vice Chairman of Bournemouth Athletic Club.