Australian Chiropractic Association Webinar Held at AECC

Joyce Miller has worked as a Chiropractic Clinician for the past 30 years, spending over 20 years working here at AECC University College.

Last week, Joyce presented a collation of the paediatric research undertaken at the University College to the Australian Chiropractic Association (ACA) remotely. This was one of the biggest webinars that the ACA has hosted to date, with 199 registrations.

During her time at AECC University College, Joyce played an instrumental part in establishing our MSc APP Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health course and the Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic, both attracting world-wide interest. She continues to work with Masters students, giving guidance and support.

Reflecting on her career and her research, she said: “I have enjoyed a wonderful, gratifying career and working at AECC University College was absolutely the highlight. That’s why I wanted to present the webinar from the University College: because this research all started here.

“Our paediatric research at AECC has been extensive. We conducted two randomised trials, a large parent-reported outcomes study with 2,000 children and have contributed at least 50-60 research publications. It was an excellent opportunity to share our findings with the ACA and humbling that this webinar attracted a significant audience.

“It is very satisfying to work with AECC students and to be part of new research. When I teach students, I learn from them too. I am very proud of the quality and character of the students at AECC University College. They are so eager to learn; they are motivated, intelligent and ready to work hard. I also really enjoyed meeting the patients that I treated in the on-site Clinic, and it was a pleasure to serve them.”

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Above: Joyce Miller