AECC University College student, Jessica Mead shares her top tips for staying productive during lockdown

We are incredibly proud of our students who have remained focussed on their studies at this time. They have been working hard at home over recent weeks and, by virtual methods, have continued to support each other and keep the strong sense of community that is so important to us at AECC University College.

In this vlog, first year Master of Chiropractic student, Jess Mead shares her advice and guidance for staying motivated, keeping healthy and looking after mental health and well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Structure your day

“Try and stick to a realistic routine every day, if you can – setting the same alarm every morning, having the same lunch-break, having the same exercise routine. This will really help with your mental health during these unprecedented, crazy times.”

Get out and about

“My second-top tip is to try and leave the house each day, do some exercise, even if it’s just a walk to enjoy the local nature or go for a run. It’s really good for your mental well-being and it’s good as you can see your friends for a social-distanced chat. It’s also good for your muscles and your bones, just to help them stay loose and prevent any injuries from occurring once we all go back to normal”

Find a new pastime

“Revisit a hobby or find a new hobby to keep yourself occupied, but also to give yourself something fun to do, something new and exciting while you’re stuck at home. Use the time to find new loves and build good habits for the future.

“If like me, one way you like to keep routine and stay productive is by working or studying, and now with exams over, go online. There are loads of free online courses available during this pandemic. British sign language is the one that I’m doing. Have a look and expand your knowledge to pass the time before we go back in September.

Stay connected

“It’s really important to stay connected at this time with friends and family and the people that you love. During our exams, the AECC University College teaching staff were wonderful with Zoom Q&As and constant email conversation to keep us in the loop and keep us supported when they couldn’t see us in person. I’ve also just done a Zoom quiz with my closest friends from Uni to celebrate the end of exams and re-connect with one another.

“I’ve been going for social distanced walks with some of my friends at home in Bristol, quizzes with them, as well, and Zoom calls. I’ve been having regular Skype video calls with my extended family and grandparents who obviously I can’t go and see as much as I would like during this time.

“So, stay connected and reach out to the people you love as everyone’s struggling during this crazy time, so surround yourself (virtually) with the people you love and bring you joy.”

Look after yourself

Jess suggests that if students require extra support at this time or if they’re feeling a bit down, to get in touch with student services who are always on hand to talk to and provide advice and guidance. Contact for more information. 

“Finally, remember not to compare yourself with anyone else, friends or people on social media, you’re doing the best you can during these unprecedented times. Stay safe, stay strong and I hope you all did well in your exams.”

You can watch Jess's vlog in full below!