AECC University College receives full marks for student satisfaction

AECC University College received excellent feedback from students in this year’s National Student Survey (NSS), scoring 100% for overall student satisfaction for the second year running, which places the University College way above the Higher Education sector's average of 83%.

The annual NSS provides valuable information for prospective students looking to attend a university.  The Survey gathers opinions about final year students’ time spent in Higher Education through 27 core questions and across eight areas. It also aids universities, colleges and students’ unions to improve education and services. More than 320,000 students across 155 Higher Education institutions took part in the annual survey answering questions on the quality of their courses and their overall experience.

AECC University College also rated highly in the following;

  • 100% of students felt they were able to apply what they had learnt

  • 100% of students said staff are good at explaining things

  • 100% of students felt their course was intellectually stimulating

  • 100% of students said they were able to contact staff when they needed to

  • 100% of students believed they received sufficient advice and guidance in relation to their course

  • 100% of students said that IT resources and facilities provided had supported their learning well

  • 100% of students said the library resources (e.g. books, online services and learning spaces) have supported their learning well

  • 100% of students felt part a community of staff and students

  • 80% of students said the Students’ Union effectively represents the students’ academic interests

Professor Haymo Thiel, Principal of AECC University College, commented: “These results reflect our sincere commitment to the quality of the academic and social experience that our students receive. I am very grateful to all my Staff and our Students’ Union for their efforts and dedication that they bring to their work.  Although we have done exceedingly well in the great majority of NSS categories, I recognise that we have work to do to improve our scores for ‘assessment and feedback’ and ‘organisation and management’; as such our results are now being analysed in depth for review and appropriate action.” 

AECC Students’ Union (ASU) Manager, Rhianydd Haslock commented: “We are very pleased with the high NSS scores achieved again this year, highlighting that AECC University College is an exceptional place to study. We recognise the categories where some improvements need to be made and ASU has been working closely with the institution to bring about positive changes. It is the close collaboration between all staff and students that consistently achieves a 100% satisfaction rate for the University College.“

Find out more information on our quality assurance and academic standards, and visit our Students' Union page.