AECC University College Lecturer, Matthew Southam Seeks to Inspire the Next Generation of Radiographers

School of Radiology Lecturer in Ultrasound and Radiography, Matthew Southam has reached out via video to those embarking upon a career in Radiography, providing insightful advice and guidance for the future.

Keen to fulfil his interests in both medicine and technology, while making a difference to the lives of others, Matthew became a Diagnostic Radiographer in 2013. When he’s not teaching, he works for the NHS as a Diagnostic Radiographer and Senior Sonographer at Salisbury District Hospital.

In his recent vlogs, Matthew discusses the importance of the role of medical imaging for patients, both in terms of diagnostics and treatment, and also shares his thoughts on the satisfaction a career in Radiography brings. He believes that there are many rewarding paths for a Radiographer to explore, as well as opportunities to continue to learn and make positive change.

He says: “The role of a Radiographer is really important throughout the patient journey in hospital. 95% of people who come into hospital will get contact with the Radiographer. As a Radiographer, you’re either going to be involved in radiotherapy, the treatment of patients, or with the imaging of patients in diagnostic radiography. It’s so important that we know what patients are dealing with in terms of the diagnostics, so we can appropriately give the right therapy.

“To the Next Generation of Radiographers, I would say be enthusiastic, be interested and go in there with a desire to learn and really improve things. Technology is expanding so quickly and there are so many different things to get involved in. Really take an interest in it, think about what you want to do and you will find something that you’ll find really interesting and satisfying and you’ll be able to help patients along the way.

“I would add, go into everything with an open mind, consider how things can be done and how they can be changed. There’s a lot of scope in Healthcare to change a lot of things and I think that’s something that’s really important to instil in people. Just because we’ve done something this way for a long time, it doesn’t mean we have to do it that way in the future and you guys are the ones who can action the change. And that’s the tools and confidence that we are going to give you at AECC University College, to be able to go out there and make the world a better place.

Watch Matthew’s videos in full to find out more about studying to become a Radiographer.

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