AECC University College Lecturer Contributes to Leading Radiography Literature

Lecturer and superintendent radiographer, Dr. Fiona Mellor has contributed to the second edition academic book, Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Research: Skills and Strategies (2nd edition).

The revised version of the book provides radiography students and practitioners with the key skills and strategies required to undertake research within medical imaging and radiotherapy and to disseminate the research findings effectively.

In light of this news, Fiona discusses her re-published work, upcoming research projects and passion for discovering new knowledge.

Contributed chapters

“Ten years ago, I was invited to contribute to the 1st edition of this academic book titled, Radiography Research whilst I was undertaking my PhD. This latest book is the second updated edition and it is the only book out there that relates specifically to radiography.

“I am the first author on a chapter about outcome measures (chapter 11) with a focus on diagnostic and therapeutic radiography research. I am also the co-author on a chapter about funding (chapter 14), which again has a focus on radiography.”

An inquisitive mind

“I have a very enquiring mind and have always questioned everything. I love new knowledge and its application. I have never been a fan of ‘rules for rules sake’; I always wanted to know why those rules were in place and if they could be challenged with new evidence.

“I am interested in most things related to the human body. We are fascinating creatures and imaging is a great way to see inside and understand how we work. This is what first attracted me to biomechanics research, but my wider interests reach into all aspects of imaging and radiotherapy research. I am a bit of science geek, so radiography fits in well with this!”   

Upcoming research 

“I’m currently working on a grant application looking at public perceptions of Chiropractic with AECC University College’s lecturer in Research Methods, Michelle Holmes.

“I am also part of a team called IDR (Indication Driven Radiography) along with Professor Bev Snaith in Bradford, Dr. Phillip Cosson in Teesded and Dr. Andrew England in Keele. We are a new team and we are initially aiming to look at the evidence base behind radiography techniques and positioning. Our aim is to write an evidence based practical textbook for radiography positioning.

“Covid-19 has had a huge impact on my research. I am about to submit a grant application to examine the impact of Covid-19 on students’ stress levels along with Caroline Cooke, Dr Alister Du Rose and Dr Victoria Wheeldon. If this is successful, we will receive funding to trial a mobile phone App, specifically aimed at reducing stress in the student population.

“I am also working with a colleague at Bournemouth University, Dr Theo Akedjedu, on a proposal that will examine the throughput of patients in medical imaging during Covid-19, and radiographers’ perceptions of their workload.”

We will keep you updated over the coming weeks and months as Fiona progresses her research into these areas. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase a copy of the second edition Radiography Research book, visit: