AECC University College Launch Sport Scholarships for Students

AECC University College is proud to announce its commitment to supporting talented student-athletes with the launch of a new sport scholarships for students.

The sport scholarships enable students to continue their development as sports performers alongside their studies at the University College. As part of the sport scholarships, the University College will help ensure students balance the demanding training and competition schedule with the pressures of studying for a degree.

This support is in response to the increasing number of sporting students studying at AECC University College, which is predicated to rise with the launch of new sport, exercise and health science; and psychology courses.

Academic Registrar, Karen Pichlmann commented: "Students who show sporting talent often come up against barriers to studying at university, be that financial or time. We know that a number of our students are interested in sports and compete outside of university up to international level, and this number will increase as we recruit to our additional new health science courses. Our Sport Scholarships commit us to improving student-athletes' experience of higher education by supporting them through their journey to, and at university." 

Sport scholarships are available to the most outstanding student-athletes who show evidence of achievement at regional, national or international levels. The scheme is committed to delivering sporting excellence and support to students who display outstanding sporting ability or show the potential to reach those levels. The scheme supports all students and sports that meet the application criteria, with more information available on who is eligible on our Bursaries and Scholarship Policy Document.

The scheme is split into three different levels; gold, silver and bronze. The level at which students are supported is based on the level of performance. Students can progress up through the levels as their performance level increases. Specific support will be outlined in due course on the University College website.

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