AECC University College Launch New Research Strategy and Research Centres

AECC University College has a long history in clinical and biomechanical research. However, with the advent of the institutions new University College status, we have embarked on an expansion and diversification of research encapsulated in our new Research Strategy; a vision and plan initiated by our Director of Research, Professor Dave Newell.

This vision constitutes a number of major initiatives over a 10 year timeline and includes the institutions first submission to the Research and Excellence Framework, REF 2021, a UK-wide higher education research process designed to allocate around £2 billion pounds across the university sector, the launch of 3 new research centres and the creation and validation of our own AECC University College PhD programme.

Research Centre Leads

The new research centres include:

Centre for Health, Exercise and Sport Science Research (CHESS)
Convener: Dr Alyx Taylor

Centre for Clinical Application and Service Provision Research (CASPR)
Convener: Michelle Holmes

Centre for Health Professions Education Research (CHPER)
Convener: Edward Crowther

The new research centres will complement our existing Centre for Biomechanics Research (CBR), convener Dr Alex Breen. Each of these new centres will be led by a member of AECC University College team whose responsibilities will include strategic planning, support and dissemination of research activity both internally and externally.

We are excited to be launching these focused areas of research activity that will serve to bring together groups of researchers within the institution under 4 key research threads. We envisage these groups consolidating and growing in the future and with this, creating centres of excellence and funding to help grow the institutions research activity, productivity and income in alignment with the major themes of our research strategy.