AECC University College Invests in £350K State-of-the-Art Radiography Facilities to Enhance Student Learning

We’re pleased to announce that work has begun on the fit-out of AECC University College’s industry-leading Clinical Skills Suite. Situated within Cavendish House, home to our School of Radiology, the brand-new training facilities and medical imaging equipment, costing £350,000, will be available for use by both Radiography degrees courses from September this year.

A high-performance digital X-Ray suite, including a Direct Radiography (DR) room and virtual ward, is set to support and enhance the teaching of AECC University College’s new Diagnostic Radiography course, fully preparing students for work in a clinical environment.

The School of Radiology investment will also include a high-tech three-dimensional radiotherapy simulator to support students on its Therapeutic Radiography course. The virtual 3D machine is to be located on the floor above the new DR Room and will be an invaluable asset for student training – simulating a real-life Radiotherapy Suite, students can prepare for all manner of scenarios.

Head of School of Radiology, Warren Foster comments on plans for the new facilities and discusses the important benefits they will bring to AECC University College students: “We’re excited to have started work on our purpose-built teaching facility, what we are calling the Clinical Skills Suite, for our Radiography programmes.”


A multi-purpose suite

“The room will be divided down the middle with a lead-lined wall. To one side of the room there will be DR kit, made up of an X-ray table and a ceiling mounted X-ray tube for students to operate. There will be a lead-glass window in the centre of the lead wall for students to look through for observations. The other side of the Suite will consist of two bed bays, complete with bedside tables, patient chairs, dummy oxygen on the wall, blood pressure monitors, and a hoist.

“Students will carry out important ward skills, such as CPR, taking blood pressure and performing observations. They will have the opportunity to experience and simulate the whole process of caring for a patient on the ward before taking them through to the X-ray room for diagnosis.

“Within the X-Ray room, Radiography students will be able to carry out their training in lateral transfers and X-rays and will be taught important skills and techniques. They’ll learn about exposure factors and radiation protection measures - all while standing behind the safety of a lead screen before taking their patient back to the ward.

“The virtual ward will have a dual purpose of being easily transferable into a theatre setting. This will allow students to fully prepare for work in a clinical environment, from learning about safety and security to sterilising equipment and ordering theatre trolleys to working with surgeons and gaining an insight into theatre skills.”

Preparation for clinical placement

“We are also excited to have invested in a 3D Radiotherapy simulator, which will be available for students beginning their studies with us in September. This will allow us to continue preparing students for Clinical placement. Through 3D virtual simulation, we can develop their anatomy and physiology understanding while working through treatment planning and radiotherapy dose. We can ensure they are ready for the challenges that they may face and have the support and pre-placement knowledge required to succeed in a busy NHS environment.”

“At AECC University College, students get the chance to work with real patients here on campus, which will assist them when it is time for them to undertake placement in a real-life clinical setting. This Skills Suite will offer us an opportunity to give, not only Radiography students but also Chiropractic and Physiotherapy students, a truly multi-disciplined environment to train in. Students will then arrive at their Clinical placements prepared to get straight to work and continue their learning.”

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