AECC University College Celebrates Partnership with International Medical University, Malaysia

Recently AECC University College welcomed colleagues from the International Medical University (IMU). IMU is a health sciences university based in Kuala Lumpur and is Malaysia's leading private medical and healthcare university.

In Malaysia and regionally, there is a growing demand for chiropractic services as patients become more aware and receptive to holistic and integrated healthcare solutions. IMU is the only university to offer a Chiropractic Degree programme in Malaysia, as well as in all of Southeast Asia, and its chiropractic curriculum has been developed to meet high international standards.

AECC UC and IMU continue to celebrate a strong partnership which aligns our commitment towards quality education in chiropractic, and sees IMU students who complete three years undergraduate study at IMU, become eligible to come to AECC UC with direct entry into Year 4 to complete their two years chiropractic placement in the AECC Chiropractic Clinic.

AECC University College celebrates a vibrant international student community, providing opportunities for students to share ideas and get fresh perspectives, all whilst making lasting relationships with peers from around the world. This continues to be a focus for the University College and an ongoing area of development as we grow our international relationships.

It was wonderful to meet with the IMU team in person, and to have the opportunity to network and provide tours of our campus facilities, specialist equipment and clinical services developments.

IMU Visit to AECC University College