“AECC UC is a place of opportunities” – Interview with Isabelle Bandt-Duley

Isabelle Bandt-Duley is currently studying BSc (Hons) Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation Science at AECC University College and is currently in her Second Year.

She tells us more about why she chose to study with us, how she is finding the course and her ambitions for the future.

Choosing AECC University College

“When I left school, I wasn’t sure what career path to follow. I knew I wanted to do something related to rehabilitation or exercise, as I was really interested in those subjects, but I struggled to identify a specific career to pursue.

“I did some research and came across this course, which offers a perfect stepping stone to a range of career opportunities within the field of sport and exercise.

“I liked the look of AECC University College because it offered smaller classes and a close-knit campus where people know each other. I’m local to the area which was a real positive for me.

“The Sport Performance Centre is a fantastic facility to have on campus, specialising in optimising sport performance and carrying out rehabilitation testing.  The staff at AECC University College are really passionate and friendly, and they are all still working within the industry alongside teaching.

“The support from staff and the Student Services team – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic – has been amazing. It’s been really reassuring to know that that support is there.”

Highlights of the course

“During first year, I really enjoyed the exercise physiology units of the course. It was really interesting to identify and monitor the physiological response to exercise first-hand, and to be able to see how each individual responds differently.

“One of the things that I have really enjoyed this year is that we have been encouraged to study independently. It’s not been a case of; here is the information, learn it, but instead we have been introduced to articles to read on the topic and then given the opportunity to form our own judgements and to critique papers.”

Plans for the future

“When I complete the course, I would like to specialise and do a postgraduate course. I’m not sure what I’ll specialise in at the moment, as I’m really enjoying all the different topic areas of the course. I’m sure this will become clearer as I progress with the course.

“AECC UC is a place of opportunities. You are provided with the knowledge, the skills, and the support to succeed in all aspects of life.”

You can find out more about the BSc (Hons) Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation Science course here.

Above: Isabelle Bandt-Duley