AECC student secures World Health Organisation internship

A final year student at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic has been offered one of the few, and highly sought after, internship opportunities at the World Health Organisation (WHO) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Richard Nicol is set to begin his 3 month internship working in the Disability and Rehabilitation Unit at WHO and hopes to contribute to some of the work that the team is involved in. At present, there is only one doctor of chiropractic employed as a full time staff member with the organisation, working in the area of Classifications, Terminologies, and Standards, as well as one other currently studying there as a fellow for the year. Due to the fact that final year AECC students have to complete a number of treatments in the on-site teaching clinic, and WHO internships are only open to students, Richard worked extra hard to complete his numbers to allow him to spend three months away from the college before graduation. He commented on what he hopes to achieve during his time there:

“I would like to be able to contribute in a significant way to any of the tasks that I may be invited to be involved with, it is a great honour to be able to have this experience and to be exposed to high level public health. Another hope of mine is to strengthen connections between the college and WHO, and to pave the way for more chiropractic students in the UK to have this opportunity in the future.”

Check back for more updates on Richard's progress at WHO.