AECC staff part of successful grant for research project

Ellen Aartun and her co-investigators receive EUR 55,479.00 from the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE) as co-funding of their research project “Development of an ICF-based assessment schedule for manual medicine”.

Current assessment methods focus mainly on the biomedical perspective of health conditions, while failing to address issues related to social engagement. Aartun et al. aim to develop an assessment schedule, which captures the complex nature of disability in patients with low back pain who are treated with manual medicine in the form of manipulation and mobilisation.  

The need for such a tool arises because manual medicine clinicians currently have no instruments or methods available to comprehensively document and assess the functioning and disability of patients with low back pain. The development of the new tool will rectify this situation, provide the means to collect clinical and research disability data across borders and professions, and assist clinicians in developing treatment plans, which target the functional needs of patients. This will improve clinicians’ management of patients.

Aartun E,  Côté P, Hartvigsen J, Ostelo R, Thiel H, Skillgate E, Lothe J, Kamper S, Mullerpatan R, Stucki G, Robinson Nicol MM. Development of an ICF-based assessment schedule for manual medicine. European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE), 2017-2018. €55,479.

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Ryan Grimshaw (Mktg)