AECC scoops prestigious ECU Honour award

Veteran chiropractic institution, the AECC, scooped the prestigious European Chiropractors Union (ECU) Honour award at the organisation’s convention on Friday 6th May. The award, which has never before been handed to an institution, recognises outstanding service and leadership to the chiropractic profession in Europe and is a great accolade for the college marking the significant contribution the college has made in its 51 years of existence and continues to make today.

President Øystein Ogre began his introduction to the award by saying: “the recipient of this award has been a part of the profession for over 50 years, and has been growing bigger in size since then.” This statement caused some raised eyebrows around the room as the award has previously only been given to an individual. Øystein then went on to comment on the recipient’s achievements within education, both in the undergraduate and postgraduate fields, as well as CPD and it slowly became clear to the room that it was the AECC that he was talking about.  








It is anticipated that just over half of chiropractors practising in Europe hold a professional qualification from the AECC. The excellence in quality of education, as well as the clinical training  and research, have cemented the AECC as a pillar of the chiropractic community. A trusted institution, which continues to expand into new areas of health care and the integration of chiropractic into main stream healthcare.

Reflecting on his surprise, Haymo Thiel, Principal of the AECC commented: “Once I had recovered from the initial shock and had made my way up to the stage to receive the award for the AECC, I made it clear, that for me this award reflects above all the commitment, work and dedication of AECC’s staff and students, past and present, as well as of those individuals who founded our institution 50 years ago. I’d like to formally congratulate everyone associated with the AECC for their part in us achieving this award.”

The AECC has been providing education and clinical training in the fields of chiropractic and other healthcare subject areas, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels for over 50 years.