AECC Running Club take on the ultra interval challenge

Today Linn Exrixon Sahlstrom and members from the AECC Running club will gather to take on the ultra interval challenge.

At 11pm tonight the group will begin their challenge which involves running 10 k every 3 hours over a 24-hour period. If they manage to complete all of the intervals they will end up completing 80k (almost 50 miles) within 24 hours.

The challenge is an online global even where everyone, regardless of where in the world you are, run (or move) 10k every 3rd hour for 24 hours. The organiser behind this is a Swedish group called 'Pace on Earth', and this is their way of spreading the love for running or simply staying active.

Linn commented: "I have been wanting to do this event for a couple of years now, but never took the chance. So when I finally decided to do it this year, I asked if any of the members of the AECC Running Club would be willing to join me on this crazy adventure. I did honestly not expect that about 10 people would get back saying that they would love to try it!"

Linn and Kristina, who aim to fulfil the 24 hours, will be setting up a headquarter where the runners can rest and eat in between the intervals. "I think food will be my biggest issue", says Kristina Kippernes, "...I really need to eat properly in order to make it through the night sections. Linn is more concerned with sleep or rather the lack of sleep."

"I am used to running non stop for up to 24 plus hours, but to have to wait in between, with semi sleep, will definitely be a challenge." says Linn.

"Not everyone will run the full 24 hour, people can join us whenever they want to during the intervals."

Each interval starts at the college gates - anyone is welcome to come along to support:

  • Interval      no 1 starts at 23:00/11 PM, Friday evening the 18th
  • Interval      no 2 starts at 02:00 AM (on Saturday 19th)
  • Interval      no 3 starts at 05:00 AM
  • Interval      no 4 starts at 08:00 AM
  • Interval      no 5 starts at 11:00 AM
  • Interval      no 6 starts at 14:00/2 PM
  • Interval      no 7 starts at 17:00/5 PM
  • Interval      no 8 starts at 20:00/8 PM