AECC research award winners in Athens

The 13th annual ECU conference was held this year in Athens, Greece and in addition to European chiropractors and researchers we were joined this year by many other delegates and speakers from within the global profession as WFC jointly held their annual conference in partnership with ECU. This resulted in over 900 delegates with many key and influential individuals adding to the many presentations and workshops happening over the 3 day period from the 14th to the 16th May.

As always the AECC was there in strength, not necessarily in terms of individual numbers attending but more importantly in terms of our academic, research and political impact at the European level, with many of those going being involved in multiple events spanning these three important activities.

Individuals attended strategic  European level meetings with two of our own faculty being newly elected to the European Academy of Chiropractic Council (EAC); Nicoline Lamberts, Academic Director and Dave Newell as Registrar.  Individuals also presented popular workshops, most notably in paediatrics where Joyce Miller achieved standing room only for her sell out presentations and one of our PhD students, Jonathan Field presented multiple workshops on Care Response, a patient reporting outcome system used in ours and the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic teaching clinics and across the physical therapy professions. Again, notably this year we also presented a poster in collaboration with WIOC on the use of Care Response in our teaching clinics and welcome a hopefully growing habit of working together across institutions in educational research.

The highlight of our contribution was probably in the research side as a number of individuals presented at the conference either as platform speakers or as posters with some of these individuals being successful in the 2 prize competitions created by the ECU and the WFC. These posters and associated awards were spread across a number of categories and are listed below.

We certainly punch above our weight in terms of the breadth and impact of the research we produce and this year award recognition at not only the European but also at the global level within the profession is an achievement that only serves to cement our reputation as a lead institution amongst others at the forefront of the chiropractic profession and increasingly significantly outside of our own professional boundaries.

As always, in these efforts it is a collaborative approach, with both academics and students achieving recognition. It is also worth reminding ourselves that at every level of the institution, from those that make the college spick and span every morning to those who guide and steer the institution at the top and everyone in between, the success we achieve as an institution are everyone's success. These achievements are in every sense of the word a team effort and without all of us doing what we do there would be a far diminished or entirely absent  AECC and no such successes.

So congratulations to those individuals who spearheaded our presence at the conference, but congratulations to everyone here that make it all possible in the first place.


  • Are there differences in cervical inter-vertebral laxity or translation motion between patients with neck pain and healthy controls? Jonathan Branney, Alan Breen
  • The UK PROMs collection initiative: Final results and reflections on an 18 month study: Dave Newell, Emily Diment, Jenni Bolton (ECU Jean Robert 1st prize and WFC NCMIC Louise Sportelli Original Research Award, 2nd prize)
  • Clinical outcomes in a large cohort of musculoskeletal patients undergoing chiropractic care in the UK: A comparison of self and NHS referred routes: Jonathan Field and Dave Newell (WFC NCMIC Louise Sportelli Original Research Award Private Practice Award)


  • Musculoskeletal health in Norwegian school children: A cross-sectional survey: Anja Blikstad, Cathrine Herneblad-Due, Mari Slinning Korsnes, Joyce Miller
  • Development of an effective and low-cost system to monitor PROMs using mobile technology and the internet: An exploratory trial of the Patient Health Information (PHI) software application: Ahmet Ullusan, Andrew Vitiello and Dave Newell (2nd prize WFC Student Poster)
  • Using patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) to inform clinical decisions during chiropractic undergraduate clinical training: Barriers and opportunities Dave Newell, Dave Byfield, Niel Osborne, Jonathan Field
  • Chiropractic management of positional head deformity: Maria Browning
  • The effect of paraspinal myoelectric activity on the range of lumbar intervertebral motion: Alistair Du Rose and Alan Breen
  • The lived experience of an injured Chiropractor: A Qualitative Investigation of chiropractor's perception of injury: Nikos Poullis and Jacqui Rix
  • What factors predispose rowers in developing a rowing related injury?: Lijs Marquenie and A Vitiello
  • Maternal report of feeding: a cross sectional survey of parents presenting infants to the AECC: An Kristin, S Homdrum and Joyce Miller
  • Lactation consultants perceptions of musculoskeletal disorders of breast feeding: a cross sectional study. Valerie Lavigne and Joyce Miller
  • Interdisciplinary clinical care for pediatric patients: short and long-term reports of effect of midwifery and chiropractic feeding clinic in the UK: A service evaluation Joyce Miller, Monica Beharie, Alison Taylor, Sue Way