A great turnout for joint AECC/BCA Conference

After months of preparation the AECC Reunion and joint AECC / BCA conference kicked off in Bournemouth. The event was a huge success with over 300 in attendance across the weekend, and judging by the pictures and videos, everyone had a great time!

Celebrations kicked off on Friday evening with around 100 past AECC graduates wandering the hallowed halls of the college. With the clinking of glasses, there was lots of reminiscing as the buzz of old memories and lost years filled the new modern settings. Not only were old memories brought back to life but old faces returned to soak up the atmosphere. Perhaps the most memorable of all being Donald Bennett, one of the original founders of the college who returned with son Russell and daughter in law Diana.

After a merry introduction back to the college the weekend continued with the start of the joint AECC / BCA conference at the Bournemouth Marriott hotel. There was a packed out venue with many interesting presentations including Jan Hartvigsen who talked about research as the currency of the profession and its vehicle to the future, Ian Hutchinson who recounted the UK government's acceptance of chiropractic as a profession and Øystein Ogre who reminded the audience that chiropractors must support funding the future of the profession, research and education.

After a day of concentration came a night of letting down hair and having a dance to prestigious party band - Rollacoaster - who certainly impressed. As well as relaxing, the dinner dance included the delivery of BCA fellowships and the Chiropractor of the year award. BCA president, Matthew Bennett awarded BCA Fellowships to four influential individuals, each of whom had made very significant contributions in their professional lives.

The recipients were:

Arvid Thorkeldsen
Dave Newell
Paul Cheung
Richard Skippings

Matthew also presented  the Chiropractor of the Year award. This year there were two winners  - AECC graduates Arif Soomro and Melanie Cutting. Their Clinic, The Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic, was featured in this year’s Private Health Care Parliamentary Review (Private Healthcare Edition 2014/15). This was an honour and a first not just for the clinic but also for the chiropractic profession.

The weekend ended with the AGM and Sunday seminars held back onsite at the AECC with tours to end the weekend’s activities. A big thanks to everyone that attended and all that helped to organise the event.