6 Tips for Writing Your Alumni Recognition Award Nomination

Everyone loves writing positive things about others, especially when they’re championing your fellow alumni. Plus, if you’re the one on the receiving end of a special award, it’s one of life’s most joyful moments to be recognised for your hard work. This year we introduced our Alumni Recognition Award to celebrate the change-makers and leaders who have graduated from AECC University College and have gone on to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

So you may have the perfect alumni in mind, and you may know all the incredible things which you want to cheer about, but where do you start when it comes to writing your Alumni Recognition Award nomination?

And The Winner Is…

The first thing is to understand the award criteria. Once you know who’s applicable, you’ll be able to assign the criteria to that person/group and see if they fit the bill. Exercise your good judgement and decide whether the individual or group deserves to be recognised and given a platform within our alumni community. It’s a really exciting process and the power is in your hands!

Seriously, They’re Really Really Great

It’s easy to stake a claim that our alumni are great; and trust us, we know that more than anyone! But this award sets the bar high. Many will state the individual/groups achievements, but how did those achievements make a difference? How did those achievements demonstrate a deserving nominee?

Keep in mind that this award is to recognise excellence; for those who have done something exceptional and beyond their ‘regular’ duties. As such, it is important you highlight anything that makes your nominee stand out from the crowd and explain how their activity was impactful. Always keep this as concise as possible – our judges will be reading a number of submissions, so stick within the word limit and remember; less is always more.

Right Click, Synonyms

We’ve all been there. It’s easy to right click and find a synonym for “amazing” or “awesome”. We recommend avoiding colloquial words and aiming for a more formal nomination entry. The nomination text should contain words that neither belittle the importance of the nominee’s efforts nor exaggerate them. Strike the perfect balance between the two. Use words which sound authentic and organic, and sentence structures which give breathing space to the achievements of your nominee. Consider words such as; admirable, distinguished, effective… This will help support your nomination entry to be logical and persuasive.

Less About Them, More About Their Work

The award is focused on celebrating the individual/group, so it’s important to be clear on the role/s they played in projects or activities. Find a balance between the project and the person, and consider the contributions your nominee made to that particular project – it’s not necessary to outline the whole venture if your nominee did not contribute to it in its entirety.

Double Benefit… Even Better Than a Double Rainbow

Volunteering, leading a team, changing the world… they all have a double benefit, both on the individual/group stepping up to the plate to deliver, and those positively affected. Equal weighting will be given to how your nominee benefited from their achievement, and how others benefited from the work, leadership, activity of your nominee.

Portion Off a Slice

Section off some of your time to write your nomination, and to proof-check it. Don’t underestimate the amount of time it will take to write a winning submission. Get a colleague or a friend to double-check your nomination entry and to provide any feedback. And finally, this is a great opportunity to celebrate your fellow alumni – make the most of this opportunity and supply as many nominations as you wish.

Find out more about the Alumni Recognition Award, including criteria and eligibility. You can submit nominations via our website form, or by downloading the nomination form and sending to us via post.

All nominations must be received by 12 noon, on Tuesday 31st July 2018
. Incomplete or fabricated submissions will be discounted at the discretion of the judging panel. Submissions will be anonymised before judging takes place. Members of the judging panel will be independent of nominees.