500th Patient for Bournemouth Open Upright MRI

The Bournemouth Open Upright MRI which is housed onsite at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) has celebrated the New Year by scanning its 500th patient since its opening in October 2014.

As one of only five scanners of its kind in the country, the unique design of the Bournemouth Open Upright MRI means it is suitable for scanning patients who cannot tolerate the conventional ‘tunnel’ type scanners or patients who need to be scanned in a more upright position.

Mel Jones, Superintendent Radiographer, said: “A large number of our referrals are for patients who have been unable to cope with MRI previously and it’s very rewarding for us to be providing a scanning service that they feel comfortable and relaxed in. Often we are managing to produce important diagnostic images for the first time on patients who had given up hope of having an MRI.”

The MRI facility is currently taking referrals from registered health professionals for brain, spine and joint scanning.