5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss An Alumni Reunion

AECC University College loves to regularly host an Alumni Reunion which is attended by alumni from far and wide.

An alumni reunion is the prime occasion to reconnect with friends, learn more about the University College and make memories. We’ve compiled a short list of reasons why there’s no possible way you can excuse missing the alumni event of the year! The whole event is a special time for alumni returning to Parkwood Campus, and comprises of an afternoon on campus where you can meet with friends and talk with staff and current students, take a tour of the University College to 'walk down memory lane' and see any new facilities, including the new Garnet Campus opposite our main site. There will be opportunities for networking, you'll be able to participate in free CPD, and there's fabulous food platters and dancing in the evening!

You'll learn something new

From our 'Fit for the Future' 5-year strategy and vision, to new developments, facilities and staff, you'll certainly learn something new to take away with you. There’ll be opportunities to talk with current students, academic staff and senior executives, which means you can learn more about the institution and also share your own memories about your time walking the corridors of Parkwood Campus. You will also be able to participate in free CPD.

Reconnect with friends and your colleagues

The Alumni Reunion provides the perfect atmosphere to rekindle those friendships, to get the group all together once again, and to celebrate. It’s the chance to come back to Bournemouth and talk to old friends, and tutors, and reconnect for the future. Share your memories and experiences you had at the institution; discover how the University College has changed. Come back to where it all started and allow yourself some time to appreciate how far you have come.

AECC University College Alumni

Expand your circles - meet new people and network

It’s not only about reconnecting with those in your year. Meet plenty of new, interesting, inspiring and supportive people within your professional sector. Exchange stories around your working practice, your successes and your obstacles; who knows, you may come away with a few tips, golden nuggets of advice, and contacts that you never bargained for.

Support your alma mater and feel the pride

It’s important that all our graduates are able to celebrate in our success and to showcase their pride. As your alma mater, we want you to feel valued and involved; you are as much a part of the institution now as ever before. With our development in new courses, our research agenda, and our fantastic new spaces on campus – it really is a truly great time to get behind the University College and reignite your passion for the place at which you studied.

AECC University College Students

Create new memories and have fun!

Our alumni events are all about having fun and enjoying yourself! In the evening, you will be able to enjoy a party within The Quad Marquee and at the student bar Togglers – like old times! - and party the night away alongside a DJ! It’s your chance to let your hair down, show off those dance moves, and enjoy a glass or two!

Togglers Bar