Covid 19 Guidelines

What we are doing to keep the campus safe

The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff will always be our number one priority, and we continue to work hard to ensure we have plans in place to protect our community.

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What will the University College experience look like in 2021-22?

-        Test and Report: All students and staff will be expected to take twice weekly lateral flow tests and should register their test results online with the AECC code. Test kits are available free from reception for all students. Please follow the instructions on the box which explains how to register your results on the website with the AECC code. It is important that all tests are registered to AECC – by being able to prove that a high proportion of students and staff are testing regularly at AECC University College, we will be able to start removing restrictions on site. Also, if we have an outbreak on campus, we will be able to contain it quickly and remain open. Testing itself is not enough – we must all report our results. If testing numbers are not high enough, we may need to start bringing in measures such as spot checks to ensure those on campus have had a recent negative test.

-        Vaccinations: We expect all students and staff to have been double vaccinated at this point, if you are eligible, however it is not currently mandatory. Please note that getting vaccinated is a way to prevent yourself having to self-isolate - if you are double vaccinated, have been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19 and you receive a negative test, the Government regulations currently state you do not have to self-isolate. If your home country isn’t as advanced in their vaccination programmes, you are able to get a vaccine when you come to the UK.

-        Social distancing: We will be relaxing the two-metre social distancing rule on campus which permits the sharing of spaces and equipment. Please be kind on campus. Despite the lifting of restriction, the spirit of individual responsibility and respect for others continues.

-        Mandatory face mask wearing: Face masks should be worn in communal areas and in teaching spaces where good ventilation and /or social distancing cannot be maintained. Wall signage, asking you to wear a face mask in these areas, will be visible. Face coverings will be available in main reception if you need them. Some students may wish to wear face-coverings in non-mandatory areas - it is your personal choice to wear face coverings in these spaces if you wish.

-        One-way systems – all students and staff are asked to follow the guidance on site. There are one-way systems clearly marked out with floor signage which should be followed.

-        Use of PPE: Where a local risk assessment has identified the need to wear PPE to undertake practical sessions and clinical activities, this will be provided to you along with training on its use.

-        Temperature screening – we will continue to test temperatures of all those entering the buildings on campus, and this has been installed through our CCTV at key points of entry. If you appear to have a very high temperature, you will be required to undertake an enhanced health questionnaire before you will be permitted to enter the campus. Please continue to come through main reception when entering the main building.

-        Hand sanitising: Hand sanitising stations will remain in place and will be regularly replenished at key locations within buildings and facilities. 

-        Enhanced cleaning: Enhanced cleaning schedules are in place, with an emphasis on high-touch areas. In some areas, students may be asked to clean down their own spaces and cleaning materials will be provided.

Read more about what we are doing to keep students safe in our Campus Information and Guidance document

What support is available to students on returning to campus and how do I access it?

As we return to campus, some of us may understandably feel anxious and worried about these changes. The University College is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our students and there is a wealth of resources and support available to assist you. If you are feeling concerned, anxious or overwhelmed at this time please contact your Student Services Team via email to book an appointment for a friendly chat


What are the behavioural expectations of students?

We are asking all members of our community to commit to the Community Pledge to be kind, considerate, respectful and supportive to each other during these unprecedented times. The AECC University College Covid pledge can be seen here.

Please follow this pledge and its guidance, so that together we can keep our campus safe.