VO2 Max Testing

Have your fitness and endurance levels tested, define your VO2 max, and/or determine your lactate profile in our state-of-the-art Human Performance Laboratory. Results can be used to help you track your progress and get the most from your training.

What is a VO2 max test?

A VO2 max test is a physiological assessment that measures the maximum volume of oxygen your body uses in response to exercise at increasing intensities.

This is used to determine your aerobic capacity and your physical fitness.

Our test involves exercising to exhaustion on a treadmill or one of our Wattbikes while wearing a mask that measures the amount of oxygen used.

VO2 max testing is used to assess the effectiveness of your training and conditioning. It can also be used to identify whether you may benefit from additional training or are at risk of overtraining. VO2 max testing also helps us to assess an individual's endurance and physical performance potential in specific sports.

What is a lactate profile test?

Measuring your lactate profile allows us to understand how your body responds to exercise of increasing intensities and This aids the development of bespoke training zones using heart rates, lactate, perceived exertion and speed to help you program a more specific training programme to enhance performance.

After this test a maximal ramp test measures your VO2 max to help you understand your maximum performance potential.

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VO2 Max test

Perfect for amateur and professional athletes who want to get more from their training.

You will also learn how quickly you recover from the test and how hard you find each stage of the test to help you plan training.

Price: £120

Duration: 45mins

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VO2 Max test with Lactate Profile

This advanced test includes determining your lactate profile to understand how your body responds to exercise of increasing intensities. After this, a maximal test measures your VO2 max to help you understand your maximum performance potential.

This package will give you the most comprehensive understanding of your exercise capacity, physiological limits and how best to improve your training.

Perfect for more serious athletes and professionals to gain the upper hand during performance scenarios and set accurate training zones.

Price: £160

Duration: 90mins

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