Body Composition Test

This simple assessment is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your body composition and factors related to overall health. Gain an understanding of what your body is composed of and how you perform for key health indicators such as BMI, body fat mass, muscle mass, hydration, cell health, basal metabolic rate. Our body composition test is ideal if you are starting out on a training or lifestyle programme, or if you want valuable insights into your general health.


Body Composition Test

30 mins - £25

Complete our simple assessment and gain a comprehensive view of your body composition and your overall health. Use the results to lower risk of chronic diseases, reduce risk of injury, and improve physical performance.

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What is a body composition test?

A body composition test measures the amount of fat, muscle, bones, and other organs that make up your total body weight. It can provide useful information about your fitness and health, such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and metabolic rate.

Conducted using our SOZO® Hydrosectrometer in less than one minute, we will be able to measure your hydration, cell health and body composition and monitor improvements over repeated visits.

Body composition tests are useful for anyone looking to assess their overall health. This includes athletes, those looking to lose weight, and individuals just looking to gain a better understanding of their overall health.

What does the test include?

Our body composition test will tell us indicators such as:

  • BMI
  • Hip to wait ratio
  • Body fat percentage and mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Body lean muscle percentage and mass
  • Hydration status
  • Cell health
  • Limb muscle and fat mass
  • FM
  • Grip Strength

These vital tests are all useful to see exactly what you are made up of when it comes to fat, muscle, bone density etc.

How does the test work?

Our test utilises a state-of-the-art SOZO® analyser, one of less than 5 in the country. The SOZO® works by passing 256 low frequency impulses through your body to measure your body fat, lean mass, hydration and cell health. Your bathroom or gym scales will normally utilise four or five frequencies.

The SOZO® assessment itself is really simple and takes less than a minute, it’s non-invasive and only requires you to take off your shoes and socks to stand on the platform.

As well as the standard health indicators such as BMI and metabolic rate, the SOZO® helps conduct normally complex measurements such as total body water, protein and mineral levels, fat mass, and more which can all be used to offer a comprehensive overview of your health.

Benefits of the Body Composition test

The results of your test could be vital to making positive improvements to your health whatever condition you are in.

These checks provide us with a comprehensive breakdown of your physical health that can be used to improve physical performance, reduce risk of injury, and or lower risk of chronic diseases.

Healthy body composition reduces the risk of developing certain chronic diseases, such as Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Metabolic Disease, a range of Cancers, and Stroke. It can help monitor muscle mass during training cycles targeting strength, power, and endurance allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your training. Healthy body composition also improves the long and short-term health of your joints, identifying if you are at risk of weight-related injury.


The check was fully in line with and exceeded my expectations. It was carried out thoroughly and professionally, with full explanation at each stage. The concluding review helped to put the results in a broader context and has given me further motivation to pursue my fitness and sporting goals. A very positive experience thank you.

James Edgar - New Forest Runner

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