Self-Referral Ultrasound

Discover the convenience and quality of self-referral ultrasound at AECC UC. Skip the wait times for accessible and reliable ultrasound imaging solutions led by our Consultant Radiologist. With our state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to patient care, we ensure accurate results and prioritise your well-being.

Priority Care When it Matters Most

Schedule your self-referral ultrasound with us today and take an active role in managing your health.

We understand that choosing the right ultrasound scan can sometimes be confusing. Rest assured, we are here to help guide you through the process. Our experienced medical team is flexible and willing to adapt the type of scan based on your clinical information, symptoms, or discussions with the radiologist during the exam.

Please note that we may require information about your GP to ensure seamless coordination of your healthcare. We will send your results to your GP, ensuring continuity of care and comprehensive medical records.

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We are committed to providing the most affordable self-referral ultrasound service in Dorset and the surrounding areas. Your scan will be performed by our esteemed consultant radiologist. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that all scans are offered at the same competitive price per body part.

Price: £220

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Benefits for Patients

Convenient and Affordable

Take control of your health with our self-referral ultrasounds. No need for a doctor's referral – simply schedule your scan directly with our expert medical team. It's hassle-free, quick, and available when you need it, including after work hours, late appointments, and weekends.

Whether it's for screening, monitoring a condition, or gaining additional insight, our self-referral ultrasound service allows you to proactively manage your healthcare with ease and convenience.

Expert Medical Oversight

Rest assured knowing that your scan will be led by our dedicated consultant radiologist, Dr. Laith Al-Obaidi. Dr. Al-Obaidi is a highly trained professional with extensive experience in ultrasound imaging. Along with our team of experienced medical professionals, including highly skilled radiologists, we ensure accurate diagnosis and provide comprehensive reports to guide your health journey.

Timely Results and Peace of Mind

Preventative healthcare is the key to a healthier future. Proactively detect potential health concerns early on, giving you the knowledge and peace of mind to take action before problems arise.

Our efficient processes ensure that you receive your ultrasound results promptly, enabling faster decision-making and peace of mind.

What Happens After Your Scan?

Receive detailed and easy-to-understand ultrasound reports that provide clear insights into your health. Our medical team is available to discuss results, answer your questions, and guide you towards any necessary next steps, all free of charge.

Following your scan, our highly skilled medical team will provide an interpretation of results and appropriate follow-up care, ensuring that you receive the guidance you need. You will also be sent a copy of your report which you can access digitally. Whatever the results, we are here to signpost the most appropriate course of action based on the findings, at no additional cost to you.


Holly explains about her ultrasound scan

My Chiropractor referred me to AECC a few years back for an ultrasound scan. Thanks to them, I was able to show my GP something wasn't right with my hip. X-rays, MRI, CT, Physiotherapy and a referral to a specialist all happened thanks to that initial scan at AECC

Holly Marie White

One-stop solution for healthcare

Experience the convenience of accessing a range of specialised services all under one roof. From ultrasound diagnostics to targeted rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and health testing, our services seamlessly integrate with our other onsite departments designed to optimize your health and well-being.

Our collaborative approach means you can easily schedule multiple appointments across different departments, ensuring a smooth and efficient healthcare journey.

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