Melanie Craig

Course Leader Master of Chiropractic - MChiro (Hons)

Melanie joined AECC University College in 2017 as a Lecturer in Clinical Sciences . She is currently Course Leader for the Master of Chiropractic - MChiro (Hons) degree, responsible for the running of the programme.


Melanie Craig graduated, with distinction, from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa with a Magister Technologiae degree in Chiropractic (MTech: Chiropractic). She practised in multidisciplinary practice in Johannesburg until March 2017. As a practitioner, Melanie’s primary interest was with sports performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Melanie worked as a sports chiropractor on numerous local and international sporting events around South Africa, including the ‘Cape Epic’ in 2015 and the inaugural the ‘Arnold Classic Africa’ weightlifting championships in 2016. In 2016 Melanie lectured at the University of Johannesburg to Years 3 to 5. She was involved in Clinical Biomechanics and Kinesiology, Clinical Management and Examinations of exit students. Melanie immigrated to England in 2017 and took up a lecturing position at the AECC University College where she was involved with numerous units in the Clinical Management and Diagnosis elements and held the position of Lecturer Clinical Sciences.

Current Activity

Melanie is the Course Leader for the Master of Chiropractic - MChiro (Hons) degree, responsible for running of the programme.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of expertise include: Patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning. Injury prevention and rehabilitation. Myofascial techniques.


  • MTech: Chiropractic (UJ)
  • IAVC – Animal Chiropractic
  • Certificate in Medical Education.


  • General Chiropractic Council (UK)
  • British Chiropractic Association (UK)
  • Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (SA)
  • Chiropractic Association of South Africa (SA)
  • International Federation of Sports Chiropractic
  • Royal College of Chiropractors.


  • Chiropractic undergraduate education
  • Student engagement and academic performance in chiropractic education.


  • Unit Lead for Clinical Management I (Master of Chiropractic - MChiro (Hons))
  • Unit Lead for Human Function Dysfunction I (Master of Chiropractic - MChiro (Hons))
  • Clinical supervision within the AECC University College Chiropractic Clinic.


Moodley, M. & Craig, M., 2020, ‘The effect of sacroiliac chiropractic adjustments on innominate angles’, Health SA Gesondheid 25(0), a1398.