Dr. Mark Hines

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD - Lecturer (Exercise and Health)

Dr. Mark Hines is lecturer in exercise and health. He comes from a background in personal training, health club management, vocational course teaching, and more than a decade of teaching exercise and health at university level.


Dr. Mark Hines is an exercise physiologist and biomechanist. He has previously taught at undergraduate and Master’s degree level on a variety of modules, including exercise physiology and rehabilitation, and biomechanics. At the AECC he is lecturer in exercise and health. Prior to his academic roles he taught vocational courses on exercise and health for personal trainers and physical therapists, including NHS referrals. Outside of his career, Mark is a professional endurance athlete and adventurer, most well-known for competing in races and solo expeditions in the Arctic and sub-Arctic.

Current Activity

Mark is a lecturer (Exercise and Health) within the School of Chiropractic.  Mark is actively researching a variety of topics related to biomechanics and clinical assessments and techniques.


  • PhD (Biomechanics and neuromuscular physiology)
  • MSc Exercise Science
  • BSc (Hons) Sports and Fitness Science


Mark’s research interests include clinical assessment, passive and active biomechanical components, and neuromuscular rehabilitation.


Elliott BJ, Hookway N, Tate BM, Hines MG. Does passive hip stiffness or range of motion correlate with spinal curvature and posture during quiet standing? Gait Posture. 2021 Mar;85:273-279.

Hines MG, Tillin NA, Luo J, Lee RYW. Passive elastic contribution of hip extensors to joint moments during walking in people with low back pain. Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon). 2018 Dec;60:134-140.