Dr. Stephanie Barker

Associate Lecturer in Health Promotion

Stephanie is an Associate Lecturer in Health Promotion, helping to deliver content for the Gateway cohorts, specifically on the 'Introduction to Clinical Health' lecture. She works closely with the rest of the School of Chiropractic team.


Stephanie is a Counselling Psychologist who mainly works within homelessness and addiction. She completed her undergraduate degree in Canada, clinical training in Chicago, and PhD in Southampton. Stephanie completed her PhD research on peer support, examining change mechanisms that underpin effective peer programmes.

Stephanie has taught psychology courses and supervises undergraduate and graduate research projects across different topics.

Additionally, Stephanie is also a director of the social enterprise OutcomeHome, who works to reduce homelessness and its effects through psychological support. She also runs a peer mentoring program in Basingstoke – working with people who have previous experience of homelessness to help those who are currently struggling with homelessness and its impacts.


  • PhD, Psychology, University of Southampton
  • Masters of arts, Counselling Psychology, Alder University, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, St Mary's University, Canada 


  • HCPC – Counselling Psychologist

  • British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy registered member

  • British Psychological Society Member

Research interests 

Stephanie’s research interests are around homelessness and its impacts on mental, physical, and psychological health; peer support/mentorship; healthcare systems; and qualitative research.

  • Homelessness (and its impacts on mental and/or physical health)
  • Peer support
  • Addiction
  • Healthcare systems and community engaged healthcare
  • Reflective practice for professionals


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Contact Details 

  • sbarker@Aecc.ac.uk
  • @stephLbarker - Twitter