Alan Breen

DC, PhD, FRCC - Professor, Director of the Centre for Biomechanics Research

Alan Breen is Professor of Musculoskeletal Research both in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Bournemouth University and at the AECC University College, where he is the Director of the Centre for Biomechanics Research. Alan is also Clinical Director for Special Imaging at the AECC University College.


Alan Breen graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1967, then travelled in North America, Australia and Europe before starting a part-time teaching post at the AECC University College. He established a chiropractic practice in Salisbury in 1974, which continues. In 1986 Alan became Director of Research at the AECC University College, focusing on musculoskeletal research and epidemiology and encouraging staff to undertake doctoral studies. In 1999 he became Director of a new multidisciplinary research institute where he continues to work.

Alan published the first epidemiology paper by a chiropractor in a medical journal in 1977, then established a clinical trial of chiropractic funded by the UK Medical Research Council. This paper had a positive outcome for chiropractors. His PhD project, which was completed in 1991, involved the invention and development of Quantitative Fluoroscopy, a technology that measures inter-vertebral motion in living subjects and which is now used to research spinal pain internationally.

Current Activity

Alan Breen is Professor of Musculoskeletal Research both in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Bournemouth University and at the AECC University College, where he is planning studies of the use of artificial intelligence and finite element modelling in the analysis of spine mechanics. He has supervised many doctoral students and examined several PhDs for other universities. He has produced a number of state-of-the-art book chapters and keynote international conference lectures. He reviews research papers for spine science journals, outputs being considered for submission for the UK Research Excellence Framework and grant applications for Research Councils and charities.

Alan is heading a programme of work on the individualised, dynamic biomechanical assessment of the articular spine. Since 2003, his research has been in the development, validation and clinical use of the QF technology, and its transfer into the medical diagnostics world by supporting regulatory approvals abroad. Concurrently, he has led a number of multidisciplinary and international research projects into the applications of these. This work has led to research into the detection of strain between spinal segments in patients with non-specific back pain and the discovery of biomarkers for the condition.

Areas of Interest

Areas of interest include: Musculoskeletal Research, Clinical Research, Rehabilitation, Healthcare, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Spine, Biomechanics, Clinical Guidelines, Process of Care.


  • DC (Canada)
  • PhD (Southampton).


  • Royal Society of Medicine (Fellow)
  • Royal College of Chiropractors (Fellow)
  • British Chiropractic Association (Fellow)
  • Bournemouth University Centre of Postgraduate Medical Research and Education (Fellow)
  • Society for Back Pain Research (Member)
  • European Spine Society (Member)
  • Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Development Group (Member)
  • Pain, Action and Interference International Research Network (Member)
  • Arthritis Research UK Musculoskeletal Pain Clinical Studies Group (Member)
  • National Institute of Health Research Mentorship for Health Research Training Fellows Scheme (Mentor).


  • The investigation of biomechanical markers for non-specific back pain.
  • Investigation of intersegmental motor control in the cervical spine.
  • The effects of a countermeasure SkinSuit to oppose intervertebral disc swelling during spaceflight. (European Space Agency).
  • Clinical relevance of dynamic lumbar intervertebral motion sharing. (National Institute of Health Research).
  • Estimation of in vivo intervertebral loading during motion using fluoroscopic and magnetic resonance imaging informed finite element models. (Chiropractic Research Council).
  • Minimal detectable change in intervertebral kinematic measures in human subjects (European Council for Chiropractic Research Excellence).
  • Interactions and relationships between muscle electrical activity and intervertebral kinematics in the lumbar spine. (European Council for Chiropractic Research Excellence).
  • Effects of spinal manipulation on the kinematics of the cervical spine. (European Chiropractors Union Research Fund).
  • Learning to improve the management of low back pain in the community (The Health Foundation).
  • Influence of the process of care on outcomes for musculoskeletal disorders in primary care. (Musculoskeletal Process of Care Collaboration).
  • Beliefs and expectations in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain (Arthritis Research UK).

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