Privacy notice Q&A for our Access and Participation Outreach Activities

We thought it would be useful to help make our privacy notice better understood by those participating in our Access and Participation Outreach Activities. We let you know below what we do with your data and why we collect it. If you do have any questions or need more clarity please get in touch with our Access and Participation Manager, Lisa Bates here

A: It's in our legitimate interest - OK what does that mean in normal human being words?

We're a Uni y? Unis are a bit dull and empty with no students - and, well, a bit pointless with no one to teach - so it makes sense that we'd want to contact people like you about learning about our uni and our courses, that's what we do! So if you're happy to give us your contact details because you're interested to find out more about studying with us, it'd be a bit silly of us not to send you some info about what you can enjoy about studying and life at our Uni with the hope you'll come join us πŸ™‚ This is our promise to you that we will only use the data collected for the intended purpose - which is to contact you about the courses you're interested in!

A: First, your name - bit of a no-brainer. OK then we need your email address so we know where to send the information to (and include an option for you to ask us to stop sending you information - you can do this at any time, it's your right). Then we would like to know which course or courses you're interested in - again, a bit of a no-brainer! We need your postcode – this is because we know students in some areas are less likely to go to University and we are trying to ensure we are reaching students in these areas to give them the same opportunities. This won’t be shared with anyone else and will only be used for analysis purposes.

We're also going to ask you to provide your date of birth. That might sound a bit weird but it helps in two ways - first, we need to ensure students attending these activities are over 16. Second if we have your DOB we can use this to differentiate between you and any other students with the same name (yup it's happened before!). We are asking for your ethnicity and whether you have been in care – this is again because we know students from some of these groups are less likely to go to University and we are working hard to ensure we reach these groups of students and provide everyone with the same opportunities to take part. Finally we will ask if you have any disabilities and if there are any additional needs you have to help you participate in the sessions – this is to ensure you can make the most of the opportunity!

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