Course Content: MChiro

aecc studentsWithin this page you will find information about each year of the MChiro:

 Unit Breakdown

Year 0 (Foundation year) Units

  • Human biology & physiology I
  • Human biology & physiology II
  • Introduction to chiropractic
  • Clinical problem solving
  • Transferable skills
  • Health concepts I

More information on unit content in Year 0

 Year 1 Units

  • Clinical management I
  • Case-based learning I
  • Health concepts II
  • Human function & dysfunction I
  • Human structure I
  • Human structure II

More information on unit content in Year 1

 Year 2 Units

  • Clinical management II
  • Case-based learning II
  • Clinical research methods
  • Diagnosis I
  • Human function & dysfunction II
  • Human structure III

 Year 3 Units

  • Clinical management III
  • Clinical imaging
  • Diagnosis II
  • Diagnosis III
  • Research project
  • Clinical internship I

Students completing year 3 will also need to successfully complete the Clinic Entrance Qualifying Examination in order to progress into the final year  of the programme.

More information on unit content in Year 3

Year 4 Units

  • Clinical internship II
  • Marketing & small business management
  • Professional & ethical practice
  • Research informed practice 

More information on unit content in Year 4


Programme Specification

The Programme Specification for the MChiro is the definitive document for the programme, and will provide you with information on:

  • the aims of the programme
  • the intended learning outcomes
  • the curriculum content
  • the programme structure
  • assessment methods
  • learning and teaching methods
  • progression opportunities
  • admission regulations
  • assessment regulations

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic