AECC Teaching Faculty


Our faculty come from all over the world to teach at the AECC and we are proud of our ability to attract experienced, highly qualified and professional staff from many disciplines who are passionate about teaching. Recognised as leaders in their field, our faculty continuously contribute to research, enhancement of patient care, and provide services to many professional bodies and organisations including those related to the National Health Service.

A to Z of AECC Faculty

Full-Time | Part-Time


Atkinson, Micah - M.Tech (Chiro) PGCert DC - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Battiston, Angelo - BSc DC MSc, PG Cert. (Med. Ed.)  ICSSD FEAC CCEP FHEA - Clinical Tutor

Bolton, Jennifer - PhD, MA Ed, FHEA, FRCC (Hon), FBCA, FFEAC - Professor, Vice Principal Research and Postgraduate Studies

Breen, Alan - DC, PhD, IPEM, FRCC - Professor, Director of IMCRI.

Browning, Maria - BSc (Chiro), DC, MSc (Chiro. Paeds), Cert MEd, Deputy Director of Clinic’

Collins, Patricia - BSc, PhD, RGN, FHEA Professor (Anatomy)

Dewhurst, Philip - BSc (Hons), MChiro, MSc, DC, PGCert, FRCC Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Edlund, Kent - DC, BSc, CCSP,ICSSD, FHEA - Senior Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Heritage, Phillip – BSc (Hons), MSc - Lecturer (Exercise Science)

Horne, Deborah - DCR - Senior MRI Radiographer

Hume, Philip - BSc (Hons), PGCert, MSc, MRCC, DC - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Hussain, Pervez - DMedlmg, MSc, DMU, DCR(R), FHEA - Director of the Centre for Ultrasound Studies

Jones, Melanie – BSc (Hons), BA, MSc (MRI) - Superintendent MRI Radiographer

Jones-Harris, Amanda - BSc, DC, MSc, DChiro, FHEA, FRCC (Ortho ) - Senior Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Kondracki, Mike - DC, MSc, PhD - Senior Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Lambers, Nicoline BSc, DC, MSc, Cert MEd, FEAC, FRCC - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Marchand, Aurelie - MChiro, PGCert, MSc ACPP - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Margetts-Cooke, Sarah – M.Chiro, DC, LRCC, RN, DipHE - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Medcalf, Christopher - BSc (Hons) - Rehabilitation and Exercise Centre Manager

Miller, Joyce - BSc, DC, DABCO, FRCC, PhD - Associate Professor and Senior Clinic Tutor

Miller, Peter - BSc, DC, MSc, PD, FRCC (Orth), FEAC (Ortho), FHEA, DChiro - Principal Lecturer (Clinical Management)

Newell, David - BSc, MSc, PhD, FRCC (Hon), FEAC - Reader, Director of Research

Norton, Emily - MChiro, PGCert - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Nunn, Nik - BSc MSc - Clinical Tutor

Osborne, Neil - BSc (Chiro), DC, PhD, FRCC(Orth), FRSH, FHEA  -Director of Clinic

Pabbathi, Vijay - BSc, BVSc & AH, MSc, PhD, FHEA - Senior Lecturer (Anatomy & Physiology)

Rix, George - BSc (Chiro), DC, PhD, FRCC, FHEA, FEAC - Senior Clinical Tutor and Senior Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Selby, Alison - BSc (Hons), DC, FHEA - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Thiel, Haymo - DC, MSc, PhD, DipMEd, FCCS, FRCC, FBCA, FHEA, FFEAC - Principal

Thorkeldsen, Arvid - DC, DACBR, FRCC, MA(Ed), FHEA - Vice Principal Undergraduate Studies and Quality

Wheeldon, Victoria – DC, BSc, MChiro, MEAC, FHEA - Clinical Tutor

Wood, Angela - DCR(R), SRR(R), PGCCT - Senior Lecturer (Radiography), Superintendent Radiographer



Allen, Dave - BSc (Hons), DC - Lecturer

Amat, Francesca - MChiro - Clinic Floor Supervisor

Chauhan, Neela - DCR (R) - Radiographer

Clarke, Geoffrey - DC - Clinic Floor Supervisor

Coode, Aaron - BSc (Hons), MSc (Chiro) - Clinical Tutor

Cook, Jane - DC, DACBR, MSc - Senior Lecturer (Clinical Sciences, Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Cook, Jonathan - BSc, DipHE (PhysEd), BSc (Chiro), DC, MSc - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Davies, Lesley - DDR - Radiographer

Davis, David - BSc, DC - Clinical Tutor

Dodwell, Stephanie - DCR (R) - Radiographer

Franklin, Anna - BSc, DC, MSc - Clinical Tutor

Garfath, Matther - BA (Hons), BSC (Hons), MChiro - Clinic Floor Supervisor

Heritage, Daniel - MChiro, PgCert, MRCC - Clinical Tutor

Horsell, Beth - BSc (Hons) - Radiographer

Kita, Lauren - BSc (Hons), PhD, PGCert - Lecturer (Psychology)

McGough, Nicola  - BSc, DC - Clinical Tutor

Mee, Catherine - MChiro - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences) and Clinical Tutor

Rix, Jaqueline - M.Chiro, DC, FEAC (Ortho), FRCC, FBCA - Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Roug, Inger – DC, DACBR - Senior Lecturer (Clinical Sciences)

Singh, Sukhadev - BSc, MSc (Chiro), DC  - Clinical Tutor

Taylor, Alyx - MSc, PhD - Lecturer (Physiology)

Thorkeldsen, Sandie - BSc (Chiro), DC, CCEP - Clinical Tutor

Wood, Christopher - BSc (Chiro), DC, BSc, MRCC - Clinical Tutor


Centre for Ultrasound Studies (CUS)


Allen, Gina – BM, DCH, MRCGP, MRCP, FRCR, MFSEM, DipESSR, MScSEM - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Brown, James - BSc (Hons), MBChB, MSc, FFSEM, PGC - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Burdon, Michael – MBBS, MRCGP, MSc, PGC - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Eedarapalli,Padma - MBBS, MD, MRCOG, PgCert - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Florida-Jones, Peter -  MBChB, MRCGP, MFSEM, MFPHM, Dip Sports Med, MBA - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Foster, Warren - BSc (Hons), PgCert, PgDip - Senior Lecturer (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Frost, Vanessa - BSc(Hons) - CUS Tutor

Jelloo,  Mohammed – FRCS  -External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Kidsley, Sally – MBBS, DRCOG, DFFP, MRCOG, PhD, PgC - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Leddy, John - BSc, BSc (Hons), PgD - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Malliaropoulos, Nikos - MD, MSc, PhD, FFSEM - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Maybury, Mark - BSc (Hons), PgDip, MSc - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

McCulloch, Ron - BSc, PgDip, FCPodS - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Ni'Man, Mufeed - MD, Lic.Ac., BSc (Hons) - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

O’Reilly, Marion - MBBCh, BAO, MSc, FRCP, FRCR - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Parmar, Kal - MBChB, MRCSEd, MSpMed, FFSEM (Ire)-  External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Raju, Ppadu - MBBS, MS, FRCS, FRCR - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Rees-Thompson, Kay - DCR, DMU - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Sohail, Amara - MBBS, MRCOG-  External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Swan, Tim – MBBS - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Tanner, John - MBBS, BSc, FFSEM, DM-SM, DSMSA  - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Turner, Alf - BappSc (Chiro), DACBR  - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Vohra, Suman - MBBS, PgDip, PgCert  - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Wedatilake, Thamindu – MBBCh, MRCP, FFSEM, Dip.SEM(GB&I), MSc  - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)

Wing,Trevor - MedImg, MSc, BSc (Hons), FRCHM, MBRCP, MBAcC  - External Faculty (Diagnostic Ultrasound)


Anglo-European College of Chiropractic