Academic Advice and Student Representation

Find out more about the academic support provided by our Students' Union and how they represent you on various committees and meeting.

Academic Support 

If you think you are eligible to be granted a extension or you have a circumstance mitigating you from submitting a work within a deadline or from being present during an examination, have a look at the appropriate forms.



Represenation & Voice

At AECC University College we welcome student input on all levels. You can have your voice heard through your course rep, the Students' Union or through the regular student voice workshops. Our newly-elected course reps are:

LGBT - Liam Richardson
Sustainability - Wenona Dancy
Mental Health and Wellbeing - Tallulah Medhurst

Year 0 - Eloise Moody, Xana Gonzalez-Linnit
Year 1 - Nele Piepenbrink, Lyn Jeffris
Year 2 - Matthew Jackson, Claire Carmelita
Year 3 - Chris Derby, Joachim Cook
Year 4 - Hayley Biddle, Thomas Doig
Msc 1 - Marion Jansen
Msc 2 - Robin Cassidy, Ilse Ikaheimonen
CERS 1 - Jassami Murphy, Scott Batchelor
Access - Tara Vachell, Zac Cossey

If you wish to represent the student body at AECC University College then running for a position on the Students' Union is a great opportunity to do this. Alternatively you can become a course rep which involves going to committee meetings and feeding back the voice of the students on your course.

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