FAQs: Changing the name of AECC

Why are we changing our name?

As you may know AECC has very recently been successful in gaining both Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP) and institutional designation. These historic outcomes are pivotal external recognitions of the AECC’s quality in its governance, management, staff and students, and its programmes and regulatory processes. Everyone at the College is incredibly proud of these achievements, which will now place the AECC alongside other small and specialist Higher Education providers and on an equal footing.

The practical impacts of TDAP and designation mean that the College will not only be able to validate, deliver and award its own degrees and receive public funding directly, but also that it is entitled to apply for the use of ‘University College’ in its name.

Use of the University College title will accurately reflect who we are now; not only in relation to the programmes and courses that we offer, but also in the way we govern, manage and run ourselves.

A new name also has to meet the following criteria, in line with the strategic objectives of the institution which include amongst others:

  • To diversify the programme portfolio by removing barriers associated with being a mono-technic
  • To represent the institution as a provider of undergraduate and postgraduate Higher Education
  • To retain our reputation as a specialist provider of quality education, clinical training and research


What is the new name?

The proposed new name for the AECC is:

          ‘University College of Health Sciences’

This new name will be subject to external consultation with other Higher Education Institutions and relevant organisations and will require Government (BIS) approval.


Will losing AECC from title harm us?

We will not be losing AECC from our chiropractic teaching. We know that the AECC brand carries a quality mark steeped in reputation and heritage to the chiropractic profession and as such will be retained as a the ‘AECC School of Chiropractic’ within the University College.

Chiropractic students and alumni will still have a qualification from a world renowned institution whose reputation in chiropractic education, clinical training and research which will be heightened through achieving University College status.

In much the same way that those institutions who have validated the chiropractic programme in the past, the validating institution will now be the University College which teaches the degree.  


Why University College and not just University?

This is to do with student numbers – currently, if we exceed 1,000 students, we would be able drop the ‘College’ from the title to become simply ‘University’. This will depend on the number of students that we grow to over the coming years. 


We should have more than one programme as a University College - are we planning new programmes?

For more than ten years we have already been offering more than one programme, which is a major factor in choosing a name which can represent who we are now, as well as allowing us to grow further in the future.

At present we offer the following programmes:

  • Access to HE Diploma (Human Health Sciences)
  • MChiro (Hons) and BSc/MSc Chiropractic
  • BSc (Hons) Clinical Exercise Science (jointly delivered with BU)
  • Postgraduate Certificate Professional Development (Chiropractic)
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice
  • MSc Medical Ultrasound

We want to deliver more courses but within our specialist area for which we have become well known. The term ‘Health Sciences’ covers a wide variety of health-related disciplines  and as such programmes in the areas of ultrasound, nutrition, exercise and sport psychology and podiatry are currently being considered.


How was the new name “University College of Health Sciences” decided?

Students, staff and alumni were invited to give their views on a shortlist of names during focus groups, meetings and via a dedicated email inbox (consultation@aecc.ac.uk). Following this feedback, the Senior Management Group (SMG) discussed options and settled on ‘University College of Health Sciences’ due to the following key reasons:

  • Best appeal to prospective students
  • A subject locator indicates a broad, yet specialist portfolio of programmes
  • The term ‘Health Sciences’ not only reflects the programmes we currently provide, but will also provide the basis for diversification into further educational provision of relevant  programmes  in the future. 
  • Being a specialist provider means that we can focus our development and estate within specific areas. In providing facilities based solely on health science programmes we will more easily meet the needs of students.

For details on the shortlisting process, please email consultation@aecc.ac.uk   


What happens now?

As an organisation going through this process we are obliged to consult with a number of external stakeholders. These include (but are not limited to): local organisations, partnerships, other higher education universities and colleges. 

Once we have had feedback from the formal consultation, our application for name change will be submitted to HEFCE. If it is not approved, we will reconsider our options.

Once approved, we will start to think about deign of our new logo/brand which will also be linked to a consultation process. 


What if I don’t like the name?

We’d be happy to hear your concerns; please send them to consultation@aecc.ac.uk


When will we start using the new name?

We anticipate a change over to the new name from summer 2017. 


I'm a past student, what do I put on my LinkedIn profile?

We will advise you of this over coming months as we finalise details of how the new name and new brand will work. Look out for our emails and updates on the grad association Facebook page.


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